Our culture is a reflection of our society. Whatever is important to the majority of people is what becomes most popular. When our “leaders” ignore what is important, it becomes suppressed or hidden. That is damaging to our culture, and to the people who dare to dream. A healthy culture comes from free expression and I haven’t seen anything more apparent over the years than the suppression of Rock & Roll.

Actually, it’s more of an abandonment of culture, and a result of unintended consequences of greed and ignorance. When culture is suppressed and controlled, in this case by the entertainment industry, it is done to manipulate and replace what is strong with what is weak. What is strong cannot be controlled. Rock & roll is a way of life. It is a way of right thinking. A rocker is a fighter for truth and justice.

Rock is the rebel’s music and for those who need to not only listen to it, but to feel it. Rock is power. It’s the story of the warrior, the adventure-seeker, and it basically inspires strength. Nothing can stop it. The origin of rock music is The Blues which is the story of the black man and the only way it happened was from freedom of expression. If it weren’t for that freedom, there would be no Black Sabbath, no Ozzy, no Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd or The Rolling Stones. None of them would exist.

Twisted Oliver

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